iSmile: Prices for dental services in Iași

Below, you will find our list of prices for dental services in Iași. 

Medical consultation, in order to establish the diagnosis and treatment plan
140 RON
Intraoral scanning
270 RON
Dento-alveolar radiography
45 RON
Panoramic radiography
80 RON
Preventive dentistry
Ultrasonic scaling and professional brushing
270 RON
Ultrasonic scaling and Airflow
350 RON
Bimaxillary Airflow
180 RON
Professional brushing
130 RON
Cosmetic dentistry
Professional teeth whitening
1330 RON
Direct composite veneers
380 RON
Dental jewellery
370 RON
Infiltration anaesthesia
55 RON
Contact anaesthesia
35 RON
Dental therapy
Superficial cavity filling
250 RON
Medium cavity filling
350 RON
Deep cavity filling
370 RON
Glass ionomer filling
150 RON
Indirect pulp capping/base
120 RON
Rubber dam
50 RON
Cheek retractor
35 RON
Cervical filling
270 RON
Composite filling with matrix
390 RON
Root canal treatment for single-rooted tooth
350 RON
Root canal treatment for multi-rooted tooth
850 RON
Retreatment for single-rooted tooth
450 RON
Retreatment for multi-rooted tooth
1150 RON
Microscope-assisted exploratory access
250 RON
Endodontic drainage
90 RON
Removal of root canal filling/tooth
150 RON
Root canal filling / tooth obturation
120 RON
Post buildup
190 RON
Core buildup
250 RON
Removal of post
180 RON
Full ceramic crown
1250 RON
Full zirconia crown
1180 RON
Ceramic crown on zirconia
1350 RON
Zirconia crown screwed onto implant
1800 RON
1100 RON
Temporary PMMA crown
390 RON
Inlay / Composite veneers
475 RON
Full acrylic denture
1550 RON
Removable partial denture with clasps
2700 RON
Prosthetic abutment
450 RON
Crown abutment removaL
90 RON
Temporary cementation
45 RON
Permanent cementation
100 RON
Tooth preparation with margin elevation
90 RON
Impression taking
150 RON
Implantology consultation
200 RON
Single-root tooth extraction
190 RON
Multi-root tooth extraction
290 RON
Alveoloplasty extraction
460 RON
Erupted wisdom tooth extraction
390 RON
Complex tooth extraction
850 RON
680 RON
Odontectomy / tooth
550 RON
Megagen Anyridge dental implant
2650 RON
Megagen Anyone dental implant
1890 RON
Sinus lifting
3790 RON
Periodontally involved teeth extraction
120 RON
Temporary teeth extraction
90 RON
Anatomopathological examination
250 RON
Laser gingivectomy
300 RON
Inclusion tooth exposure
350 RON
Pluri radicular apical resection
730 RON
Bone grafting
1500-5000 RON
550 RON
Emdogain tissue regeneration
1800 RON
350 RON
Implant exposure
350 RON
Healing cap
150 RON
L-PRF harvesting per vial
75 RON
L-PRF manipulation
50 RON
Epithelial conjunctival graft
470 RON
Non-resorbable suture
60 RON
Resorbable suture
90 RON
Orthodontic specialist consultation
150 RON
Metal fixed braces/arch
1750 RON
Aesthetic metal braces (ICON X) / arch
1950 RON
Ceramic aesthetic fixed braces/arch
2250 RON
Sapphire aesthetic fixed braces/arch
2950 RON
Invisible lingual braces/arch
4900 RON
Palatal expander
950 RON
Bimaxillary impression
120 RON
Study model
170 RON
Removable orthodontic appliance
780 RON
Control/activation of removable appliance
150 RON
Myofunctional appliance
870 RON
Activation of metal spring appliance/arch
150 RON
Activation of physiognomic arch appliance/arch
170 RON
Activation of lingual arch appliance/arch
250 RON
Intermaxillary elastics
15 RON
Removal of fixed appliance/arch
180 RON
Finishing and polishing after appliance removal/arch
180 RON
Fixed retainer/arch
285 RON
Removable retainer/arch
325 RON
Invisible orthodontic aligner / arch
325 RON

For appointments and additional information regarding our prices for dental services in Iași, you can contact us by using the following phone numbers: 0232 222 220 / 0788 782 833, by email at, or by using the contact form available HERE.