Dental surgery

Our team provides services of dental surgery in Iași. Below, you can find details about the surgical procedures we can perform, as well as the equipment and techniques we use.

Dental surgery is divided into two categories, based on the surgical procedures performed: dentoalveolar surgery and maxillofacial surgery. Dentoalveolar surgery is characterised by tooth extractions, apical resections, or specific interventions in periodontal and prosthetic surgery, while maxillofacial surgery involves the reconstruction of the jaw using bone grafts.

The success of dental surgical interventions is determined by two essential components: 1. the expertise and experience of the operating dentist and 2. the performance of the surgical equipment. Our clinic takes care of both aspects, constantly ensuring that the surgeons are well-prepared and aligned with the scientific and technological advancements in the field, while also using state-of-the-art and fully equipped devices.

Good to know! The use of state-of-the-art technologies also has direct benefits on the well-being of the patient, for example: 

  • Surgical procedures are safer and less traumatic for the patient, while postoperative recovery is easier and faster due to the use of the Implant Center 2 piezoelectric surgery kit;
  • The patient’s perception of pain is reduced through the use of local anaesthesia before performing the surgical procedure.

Dental surgery in Iași: techniques

The surgical techniques used by the iSmile specialists are: 

  • Bone remodelling in cases of significant volume loss, when it is necessary to achieve the most accurate three-dimensional positioning of the dental implant;
  • A sinus lift, which allows for a vertical reconstruction of the maxillary bone in the posterior area, with simultaneous placement of dental implants;
  • Horizontal and/or vertical bone reconstruction using bone blocks harvested from the patient’s anterior or posterior areas of the lower jaw, recommended for large bone defects;
  • Horizontal restoration of resorbed alveolar ridges through vertical osteotomy, by gradually widening the space between the divided bone plates, filling it with bone particles, and suturing the plate. 

If your dental issues require the intervention of dental surgery in Iași, we would be happy to assist you. Contact us to schedule an appointment, using one of the methods available HERE.