Biocompatible technologies

We make use of the most advanced dental technologies in Iași, to enhance the quality and efficiency of the services we provide. Whenever possible, we opt for non-invasive procedures, ensuring that our practice is non-toxic and does not cause harmful physical or immune reactions.

ADEC dental units

The dental units in our clinic are equipped with the most advanced working technologies in the field of dentistry: fibre optic illumination for rotary and scaling instruments, automated preset commands, ergonomic and robust design. These units are manufactured in the USA by ADEC, a renowned company.



Primarily used in endodontic treatments, the microscope enables precise root canal procedures with good sealing, and also facilitates the resolution of potential periapical issues, thereby extending the lifespan of the teeth in the dental arch.

Digital radiology

The iSmile dental clinic provides exclusively digital radiology services, with the help of advanced equipment such as the Minray system for intraoral radiography, the Digora Optime digital scanner, and the Cranex Novus digital panoramic X-ray unit. These products are manufactured by Sodarex, a leading Finnish company in the field of innovative imaging solutions. 

radiologie digitala


For enhanced patient comfort, we often utilise the Aquacut device in the treatment of dental caries. This device replaces the traditional dental drill with a high-pressure water jet combined with special powders.

Whitening lamp

The Beyond whitening lamp is the latest and most efficient method of teeth whitening, allowing for up to 8 shades of whitening in a single session. This equipment is produced in the USA by the BeyondMax company. 


Dental laser

The dental laser is an innovative technology used for endodontic, periodontal, surgical, and soft tissue treatments in the oral cavity.

L-PRF technique

The L-PRF (Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin) technique is a revolutionary method for accelerating the healing process, stimulating the formation of new blood vessels, and contributing to the maintenance and optimisation of results after surgical intervention. This technique uses the patient’s own blood, collected during the dental procedure, thus avoiding the use of chemical adjunct compounds, the risk of membrane rejection and the development of the allergic reaction.

Poster anyridge

Megagen Anyridge dental implants

The Megagen Anyridge dental implant stands out with its unique design and ideal stability, making it one of the most commonly used types of implants due to its versatility in various cases. Each implant has a surface treated with calcium ions (Ca2+) using Xspeed technology, a system that activates bone cells to establish a durable connection with the surrounding tissue.

Trios 3Shape intraoral scanner

The Trios 3Shape intraoral scanner, globally recognised as the most advanced scanning technology, provides us with high-quality information that maximises the results of dental procedures. Digital impressions, used in the majority of procedures performed in our clinic, significantly increase precision and reduce the time required for producing prosthetic, orthodontic and surgical elements.


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We make every decision responsibly and always choose the most efficient dental technologies in Iași, aiming to achieve a single goal: beautiful and healthy smiles. If you believe that one of these technologies is suitable for your dental issue, please contact us in the section below to schedule an appointment.


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