Preventive dentistry

Good practices in oral hygiene – preventive dentistry in Iași. Within this page, you will find the steps, techniques, and equipment used for a complete, professional cleaning performed by the iSmile dentists.

Our specialists emphasise the importance of preventing dental diseases such as periodontitis or gingivitis and consistently recommend professional cleanings. Performed with modern techniques and equipment, this procedure ensures that the teeth remain clean, shiny, and healthy, by removing harmful substances from their surface (such as dental plaque, tartar, and food debris).

Good to know! It is recommended to repeat the professional cleaning process once every 6 months. In addition to proper dental cleaning, the dentist also performs a clinical examination of the teeth, thereby being able to identify any potential issues in a timely manner.

Preventive dentistry in Iași: 3 essential steps

Full professional cleaning is performed in specialised dental clinics, and it consists of 3 main stages:

    1. Ultrasonic scaling with LED. The first stage involves the removal of tartar and bacterial plaque from the tooth surface and in the subgingival and supragingival deposits, using ultra-fast vibrations that eliminate the debris. 
    2. Professional teeth polishing. This stage involves brushing the teeth using a special brush and a professional prophylaxis paste, ensuring the effective removal of dental stains and smoothing the tooth surfaces.
    3. Air Flow. The final stage of professional cleaning is, actually, an additional cleaning step performed using a jet of water mixed with sodium bicarbonate powder, aiming to remove even the finest debris or superficial discolourations.

Additionally, you can opt for topical fluoride applications or dental sealants to protect your teeth from potential cavities.

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