Dental implants

The iSmile dentists provide services for dental implants in Iași. Take a look below, and you will discover when dental implants are an optimal solution, what are the stages of the implantation process, as well as our recommendations when it comes to this procedure.

One of the most recommended solutions for a problem that affects a large part of the population – the loss of one or more teeth – is the placement of a dental implant. This is the result of progress in the field of dentistry and the role of an implant is to effectively replace a missing tooth, for the long-term. 

Aside from the negative effects on a person’s physical appearance, incomplete dentition may also cause:

    • difficulty in the chewing process;
    • difficulty in speech;
    • pain;
    • teeth migration and the appearance of unwanted interdental spaces;
    • instability of the teeth;
    • dissatisfaction regarding dental condition;
    • low self-esteem or
    • general discomfort.

Dental implants are recommended only after a medical consultation, conducted by a specialist in dentoalveolar surgery. This recommendation is based on the results of blood tests and specific radiological examinations carried out beforehand. 

Good to know! The radiological examination provides precise information about the quantity of existing bone and determines the need for potential bone grafting in order to ensure successful implant placement and long-term stability. 

The finalisation of the dental work takes place 6 months after the placement of a dental implant, once its integration into the bone structure is established. This process consists of two stages:

    1. Implant uncovering stage: a minor surgical intervention involving the placement of an abutment or healing cap, to shape the gum tissue.
    1. Prosthetic stage: the creation of ceramic or zirconia restorations, which are either cemented or screwed onto the implant.

Dental implants in Iași: recommendations from the iSmile specialists

If a dental implant proves to be the most suitable solution for our patients, we recommend using the AnyRidge implant from Megagen. It stands out with its unique design, which allows its use even in the most complicated clinical situations. It maximises the use of available bone, providing excellent primary stability and superior aesthetic results. Additionally, it is equipped with Xpeed treatment that activates bone cells and facilitates the establishment of a durable connection between the implant and the tissue. 

After reviewing the information above, if you believe that dental implants in Iași can be a solution to your dental issue, we invite you to visit our clinic for a thorough consultation and a personalised treatment plan. You can schedule an appointment HERE.